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Financial CHAKRAS Licensing

Turn your passion for helping people into a profitable business by partnering with most unique business building team in the world.

Ash has spent his entire life growing up with his grandfather who taught him about yoga, meditation, and chakras since he was a child. After coming from India in 1989 Ash spent over 24 years of his career in the financial field. Ash discovered “Financial CHAKRAS®” and began teaching since 2008. Ash has spent over 10 years to engineer, develop, and perfect the formulas which are now the rules using CHAKRAS. With these rules you can finally balance your business, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Health, Wellness, & Spirituality in as easy as 1,2,3 steps.

Ash’s mission is to reach every person in the universe. So for the first time ever, we are opening the Financial CHAKRAS Licensee Program.


By CO-Branding with us you will benefit from the credibility and the confidence of the “Financial CHAKRAS®’ brand, and you will…

  • Capitalize on the exclusive “Financial CHAKRAS®” Training.
  • Become the elite advisor
  • You will get learn and Apply the entire system to enhance your life in Business, Finance, Health, Wellness, spirituality, and your family.
  • You will get to teach others to make a big impact along with you by leveraging the name “Financial CHAKRAS®”
  • You will open up more doors in communities which are unreachable otherwise, this will help you make bigger impact.
  • You will get to create strong partnerships with strong leaders in Business, Finance, Health, Wellness, and Spirituality.
    With a proven step by step system you will be the best asset your clients ever had and position yourself as their advisor and not a coach.
  • You will get FREE entrance to Financial CHAKRAS Live Events.
  • You will get to share in the wealth of event ticket sales.

You finally have a chance to make 6 or 7 figure income, share the wealth, and build the life of your dreams with a step by step system which not only impact your life but also impact the lives of millions around the globe.


PS: Hi! I am Ash Shukla and I am so excited that you are making the decision to join our exclusive team of advisors who not only live a great life of abundance, but they care enough to impact millions of lives as well. I humbly welcome you to the most exclusive advisory group “Financial CHAKRAS®”.


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